Our features at a glance:

Current circumstances do not allow you to attend a local event? You don't want to lose touch with the industry community and important contacts? Then continue to meet your customers - digitally!
Topics, products, solutions - as an international platform, we continue to offer you the stage for this. With the features Business Dating, digital Product Presentation and digital Contact Persons, we are developing the HANNOVER MESSE website into an industry networking platform for you.

A professional company presentation helps you motivate potential customers to take a closer look at your company and product portfolio even before the show.

Present your corporate presentation with comprehensive information about your company, your products and your livestream program.

New: Visitors can leave a digital business card directly on your exhibitor page. All you have to do is provide an e-mail address for your company in the ECM system.

Your corporate presentation features:

  • Contact details and company logo
  • Your products and solutions
  • Company profile and factsheet
  • Company video
  • Your target industries and countries
  • Your worldwide locations
  • Your contact persons with new dialog and appointment options
  • Two languages: German and English

In these days, nothing is more important than personal interaction! At the HANNOVER MESSE 2023 you have the opportunity to meet your trade visitors digitally as well.

Our service "Matchmaking & Business Dating" enables visitors to publish their own profile. The advantage for you as an exhibitor: You can find visitors based on their interests, contact goals or other criteria, arrange appointments with them, and get in touch via video call.

So, go on a targeted search for suitable new customers!

Registration for Networking

Your contact persons ...

  • register on the HANNOVER MESSE website
  • activate the Networking Service
  • complete their public profile with a photo, interests and contact targets
  • set their appointment availability
  • arrange appointments on site at their booth or digitally via video call

List your experts and contact persons on all pages of your digital presence and talk with your visitors easily via video call. New appointment scheduling options, including a convenient calendar function, are available for this purpose.

Each exhibitor pass entitles you to register and publish your contact persons on the website with a code provided – with all dialog options.

Publishing your contact persons

  • Hybrid Participation:
    Exhibitor passes depending on the size of the exhibit area for booth personnel plus 3 additional exhibitor passes in the digital package

  • Digital-Only Participation:
    3 exhibitor passes for digital contact persons on the platform

Your benefits from participating in a digital form:

  • Extreme flexibility in how you participate
  • Planning confidence in these insecure times
  • Independent of location or time
  • New digital features assure greater visibility and reach
  • New ways to generate leads
  • Partaking in business appointments


With your registration, you have decided on the form of your participation in our trade fair.
Either hybrid participation with a stand in our venue, or solely digital participation.

These participation format options include the following services:

Hybrid participation:

  1. Standard package: Stand space + services included in the standard package + digital package.
  2. fair package: Stand space + services included in the respective fair package + digital package.

The price of the hybrid participation option includes the services provided in the digital package.

Digital participation:

  1. Services included in the digital package

 A digital package does not include stand space.

On completion of your registration and receipt of confirmation of participation, you will be provided with access to the services included in your package via the "Dashboard" of the Exhibitor Shop under "My orders".

There, you can manage them and place further orders.

The Exhibitor Shop dashboard guides you automatically and straightforwardly through your to-do list. There, you can keep tabs on your completed tasks or pending to-do points at all times.

Additional services to round off a successful trade fair appearance can be ordered under the "Services" menu item.

The number of free exhibitor passes depends on the confirmed size of your stand.
three additional exhibitor passes in the digital package.

Hybrid co-exhibitors receive 5 exhibitor passes, digitally participating co-exhibitors receive 3 exhibitor passes.

It goes without saying that further exhibitor passes can be ordered, subject to a fee.

All exhibitor passes allow convenient and fast access to the exhibition stand and exclusive online services such as the publication of digital contacts and networking.

The digital package includes three exhibitor passes each for exhibitors and co-exhibitors.

All exhibitor passes allow convenient and fast access to the exhibition stand and exclusive online services such as the publication of digital contacts and networking.
Persons belonging to your company can register themselves with an exhibitor pass.

Irrespective of whether stand personnel on the exhibition premises or digital contact persons: persons in both categories require digital exhibitor passes.

Irrespective of whether stand personnel on the exhibition premises or digital contact persons: persons in both categories require digital exhibitor passes.

You can manage your exhibitor pass(es) in the Exhibitor Pass Management function which you access via the dashboard in the Exhibitor shop; there, you can process, send or download them and also book additional exhibitor passes for a fee.

Manage Exhibitor Passes
  • You have received your confirmation of participation from Deutsche Messe.
  • Please log onto the Exhibitor Shop and go to the dashboard.
  • Under the "My exhibitor passes"  menu item, please click "Exhibitor Pass Management".
  • There, you will find your free quota of exhibitor passes.
  • You can now manage the exhibitor passes with which you have been provided. 

In the Exhibitor Pass Management function, you can select the required processing option:

 a) Individual passes: Send or Download


b) Multiple passes: Send or Download

Use one of these options to send your contact person either the code or the link for personalization.

Each digital contact person must register himself/herself on the event website in the "For Exhibitors / Online Services" section  with the assigned exhibitor pass and/or personalize the exhibitor pass as appropriate.

The exhibitor pass cannot be used for the digital contact person function if it has not first been assigned to a contact person and personalized.

  • As an exhibitor, you process your orders and your trade fair participation in the Exhibitor Shop of the event in question.

  • Your digital contact persons personalize their digital exhibitor passes on the event's website under “For Exhibitors / Online Services”.

  • The contact person must first register himself/herself in order to be able to personalize a digital exhibitor pass.

  • The digital contact person’s registration is mandatory.

  • Having completed the registration, your contact person can then create and manage his/her profile easily and in just a few steps under "My account/dashboard".

  • There, your contact person can select companies of interest to him/her from the exhibitor media library and create a watch list.

  • He/she can send a business card or an e-mail to the companies with which he/she wishes to make contact.

  • Via the dashboard, your contact person can take part in networking with other online services.
  • Digital contact persons can create a profile for themselves and activate publication on the exhibitor page as well as on certain product pages.

  • Digital contact persons can participate in business dating.

  • Digital contact persons can get in touch with participants via text chats and video calls.

Your products, your contact persons, your contact options:

Why use the ECM (Exhibitor Content Management) early on and in detail?

A well-conceived and early digital presentation of your company in the exhibitor and product search enables you and your contact persons to make targeted contact with customers, even before the trade fair.

Use our ECM (Exhibitor Content Management) function:

  • Upload your company logo, provide a detailed presentation of your products, new releases and trade fair highlights. Add image films.

  • Publish your contact persons on all pages of your digital presentation and advise your trade visitors simply via video call. You can use the new appointment scheduling options, including a practical calendar function, for this purpose. The more skillfully you maintain your company presentation there, the better your ranking in the exhibitor and product search hit list.

Get the best out of your presentation: make use of all the services available for your company presentation – early on.

When a digital contact person deletes his/her profile or user account, this means that his/her data, contacts and appointments will all be deleted as well. The data can no longer be accessed or used.

Hybrid exhibitors can register hybrid and digital co-exhibitors. Exhibitors with a digital package can only register digital co-exhibitors.


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