Look up anything about the trade fair, 24/7.
A diversity of information is needed from the time you start planning until the trade fair begins. Everything of importance is listed here.

Special handling

Approval of stand design and construction

Special and large stands require approval. Please inform yourself of the relevant criteria. Tell me more

At the last second

Exhibitor information

During the set-up and dismantling phases and during the fair, a lot of information has to be found quickly. Tell me more

Information on stand construction

Download Center

Here you will find our Technical Regulations, contact persons, addresses and information about general services during the construction perio... Tell me more

Construction and dismantling period

Construction and dismantling period

Ensure a stress-free construction and dismantling period and note our dates for the event. Badges for construction and dismantling times are... Tell me more

Before, during and after the event

Vehicle admissions

Here you will find our vehicle admissions to the exhibition grounds before, during and after the event, as well as the traffic routing plan f... Tell me more

China IPR Helpdesk

Neutral support from IP specialists

The China IPR Helpdesk helps Chinese exhibitors protect their intellectual property rights and resolve IP disputes. Tell me more

Postal adress

Exhibitor address on the exhibition grounds

Would you like to receive mail at your trade fair stand? Tell me more

Your questions solved on the spot

Exhibitor Service Center

The staff at the Exhibitor Service Center is there to provide you with all-round assistance - before and during the trade fair. For example,... Tell me more
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