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Urban Stand Design Upgrade

Fixed price
as of 879,00 €
Important ordering information
Your order will include the upgrade in the carpet color selected for your Type C modular stand. To make changes, please go to Order Status.

Our “Urban” design upgrade exudes a rough and stylish look – with industrial style, eye-catching furniture and four kinds of graphics on fabric. Moreover, higher walls behind the tower make the stand look even bigger. Best of all: this upgrade creates a unique stand.

Basic stand type C without standard seating group, but the following is included in the upgrade:

  • Industrial style furniture (1 table, 4 chairs)
  • 350 cm high walls behind the tower
  • Graphics on fabric with an urban appearance in the seating area (140 cm wide x 350 cm high)
  • Eye-catching graphics on fabric with an urban appearance and your logo (100 cm wide x 250 cm high)*
  • Modular tower with an urban appearance and your logo (140 wide x 350 cm high)*
  • Lighting with a shade for extra ambiance, hung from the modular tower
Select the texture of your graphics on fabric:
Option 1: brick wall appearance
Option 2: brick wall appearance, gray
Option 3: concrete appearance
Option 4: diamond sheet appearance

*  Includes a digital print (you must deliver a print-ready data file at least 6 weeks before the event starts)

Add an individual touch to your stand:
Enhance your stand with an upgrade that includes a PVC floor in various finishes and industrial style furniture. For details, please visit the section “Additional fittings for modular stand type C” and see "Urban".

Pricing: lump-sum surcharge per stand; the design upgrade is matched to the standard furnishings for the stand size


Important ordering information

Please note: this is an upgrade – you must first book the “Type C” modular stand.

Purchase order terms for category Modular stand type C

Notes on modular stands

A number of modular stand structures are available for rental. Usually, you can only order stand structures covering the entire display area rented. If you place your order by the stated deadline,  your stand will be ready for you by 12 noon on the day before the fair opens. (Advance construction available on request.)

Important information
Deutsche Messe reserves the right to make changes to the basic fittings at short notice due to the applicable hygiene measures. In addition, it may be necessary for the exhibitor to book additional hygiene protection equipment for a fee.

Technical specifications
The basic fittings are standard; additional fittings are optional. For a technical description of our modular rental stands and additional fittings, plus several different design examples, see our brochure and shop. Please bear in mind that you can only order the additional fittings that go expressly with your stand type! We reserve the right to make minor modifications to the technical specs and colours given in the brochure/shop. We also reserve the right to deploy reinforcement elements to ensure the appropriate level of stand security.
Please order any utility services, for example electricity, in the according service category.

Modular stands and fittings are to be returned in the condition you received them. They may not be painted, modified, have nails hammered into them, or have anything stuck onto them, or be damaged in any other way. The exhibitor is liable for any loss or damage of the rented objects regardless of the cause. We recommend you take out an exhibition insurance policy to cover all rented objects. The insured value should be set at four times the rental price.
The rented furniture will be picked up again during the evening or night after the close of the event. If the exhibitor wishes to use these items beyond the end of the event, this must be clarified in advance with Deutsche Messe.

The exhibitor places his binding order for a modular stand by filling out and submitting an online form or the according fax form. The rental contract for the modular stand is concluded upon issuance of the order confirmation by Deutsche Messe.

Advance payments, final invoice
Along with the advance deposit on services, there is a deposit payment on modular stands in the full amount (100%) of the basic modular stand rental price. This payment is due upon receipt of the modular stand order confirmation from Deutsche Messe.
For organizational reasons, the final invoice is issued separately beginning around five weeks after the close of the event.

Pricing terms for category Modular stand type C

Rental price per square meter or unit price.
Prices, unless specified otherwise, are net prices in euros and subject to German VAT.

The prices in the shop are listed, but may depend on when an order is actually placed. Surcharges and sale prices apply only during applicable periods to specific orders, as determined by the point in time at which Deutsche Messe receives the order. All prices are subject to the respective conditions, which are a part of the purchase order terms.

Cancellation terms for category Modular stand type C

If, after the exhibitor has already submitted his binding order or the contract has already been concluded, Deutsche Messe consents on an exceptional basis to the Lessee's cancellation of contract, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay a flat cancellation fee. The level of this cancellation fee depends on the time the written cancellation is received by Deutsche Messe as well as on the contractual sum, as follows:

  • Four months before opening of the trade fair or earlier: 10% of the contractual sum;
  • later than four but not less than three months before opening of the trade fair: 25% of the contractual sum;
  • later than three but not less than two months before opening of the trade fair: 50% of the contractual sum;
  • later than two months before the first day of the trade fair: 100% of the contractual sum.
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