Show your true colors!
Book our new eye-catcher fair package Basic Color!

For the HANNOVER MESSE 2024 we offer our fair-package Basic Color in eight bright colours.
Use one of eight splashy color schemes for the carpeting, walls, and fascia panel of your modular stand.

Your trade fair appearance will immediately catch your eye!

List of Services:
  • Carpeting in the color of your choice for your stand (disposable off-the-roll, rep-weave carpeting covered in foil)
  • Customizable fascia panel (sign, logo/digital print)
  • Cubicle (in the chosen color) with lockable door (100 cm x 100 cm)
  • Four spotlights for illumination
  • Ceiling, ceiling of frame sections along open sides of the stand with all necessary beams and pillars
  • Partition walls (in the chosen color) to adjacent stands and/or halls, 250 cm high
  • Extra furnishings: 1 counter with logo/digital print, 1 high chair, 1 literature rack
Suggestion: use extra fixtures & furnishings to add a personal touch.

Please Note:

  • 1 power distribution box with two sockets, 230 V
  • Furniture included: 1 table and 3 chairs (selectable in black or white), 1 coatrack in the cubicle, 1 wastebasket
  • Fascia panel with limited black lettering in Helvetica Bold typeface, or a custom logo/digital print. Print data file must be submitted to Deutsche Messe at least six weeks before the event begins.

Inga Steinhoff

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